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Home2o Roof System |

Disaster Relief Shelter

The Home2o Roof System allows post-consumer plastic bottles to become shelter using minimal tools and labor in disaster-relief scenarios. This patent-pending system arrays and interlocks layers of bottles to create a breathable, weather-resistant membrane. This Fall, multidisciplinary student teams will design and build 1:1 prototype shelters that will be subject to rigorous testing.

More info at http://www.nyit.edu/architecture/home2o.

2015 Featured on BBC WORLD: Horizons Television series | “Safe Spaces” episode, estimated 300 million household viewership. View the episode here.

2013 Recipient of an ISRC grant for consultancy fees, prototype testing, full scale design / build

2013 NYS Business Plan Competition Finalist: People’s Choice Award

2012 USGBC Impact Award Finalist

2012 NYS Business Plan Competition: Judges’ Choice Award

National recognition and press received.

STATUS: Full-scale Prototype Built

In collaboration with Jason Van Nest.
Special thanks to the many NYIT students that have helped us with this research.